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About Rocket Gardens

What is a Rocket Garden?
A Rocket Garden is a box brimming full of baby organic vegetable and herb plants packed in golden straw and delivered direct to your door.

All you have to do is pop your baby plants into their new home to begin growing your own vegetables, herbs or fruit.

At Rocket Gardens, we take out all the risk and hard work that comes with growing your own organic plants from seed. We look after the plants when they are young and vulnerable, only letting you have them when they are the perfect size, ready to be transplanted straight into your garden.

Rocket Gardens saves you time, effort and eliminates the disappointment when seeds fail to germinate.

Who are we?
Rocket Gardens headquarters is based at our farm in West Cornwall and its here where we take your orders, grow your plants, pack them up and send them off, direct to wherever you want them sent.

Rocket Gardens was started by Mike Kitchen back in 2005, who fancied using his farming know-how and passion for plants to make growing-your-own more easily accessible to everyone who wanted to. Being a local lad, he had plenty of knowledgeable friends and family who were willing to jump on board the Rocket Revolution as the idea grew and required more manpower.

Between us at Rocket Gardens we have over 70 years of vegetable and herb growing experience and we are happy to answer any questions or queries you may have. E-mail us at

Thereís a Rocket Garden for Everyone
We passionately believe that everyone can get growing - no matter whatever their lifestyle, wherever they live or how old they are.

Our range of gardens has been designed to suit spaces of every style, shape and size. Whether youíve got a few window boxes or an entire allotment, youíll find a Rocket Garden thatís just right.

Organic from the outset
All of our seeds are sourced from Soil Association approved organic seed suppliers.

The compost we use to grow the seedlings in is approved for use in Organic systems by the Soil Association.

Our plants are grown naturally under a fully organic regime.

Even the water we use on the plants is rainwater that we collect from our polytunnel roofs and recycle in our own reservoir.

Plants are either grown in their own individual biodegradable pots or bare rooted depending upon variety. Unlike most nurseries and garden centres we donít use thousands of plastic pots or packaging to grow our plants.

Furthermore all of our packaging systems have been chosen in order that they are as ecologically friendly as possible. Recycled cardboard is used wherever practicable and this in turn can be used again or put onto the compost heap to be broken down. Where non cardboard packaging is required if possible we try to source recycled products.