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The Muddy Boots Approach to Learning.

Schools Gardens
We launched our schools campaign, ‘Dig For The Future’ in early 2007, as a way to encourage schools to get children growing organic vegetables. Learning through doing... the muddy boots approach.

In the first year, we had requests for our plants from more than 4000 schools nationwide. And in response, we created a garden specifically designed with schools in mind. The garden is full of a wide variety of colourful vegetable and fruit plants, especially chosen to expose children to different varieties and tastes. Care has been taken to choose plants that will harvest during term time, so that the children’s enthusiasm doesn’t have time to wane.
Both our Spring and Autumn Schools Gardens have proved incredibly popular and there are now thousands of schools across the country growing and eating their own Rocket food.

What’s in a Schools Garden?
Every Rocket Garden is delivered in a box brimming full of baby plants packed in golden straw. The box arrives on the school’s doorstep ready for immediate planting.

For our schools gardens, care has been taken to select varieties that will harvest before the Summer and Christmas holidays. The plant package also comes delivered with natural worm cast fertiliser to feed the plants throughout the growing season, as well as growing guides to help even total novice gardeners and National Curriculum linked lesson plans so that schools get the most out of their gardens.

Don’t just take our word for it...
Getting children growing their own fruit and vegetables is a fun and effective way of keeping them active, making them inquisitive about the outside world and encouraging them to question where the food they eat actually comes from.

Luckily, we’re not the only ones who agree that getting out and about is far higher up the priority list than an optional extra when there’s nothing else going on. The government’s Learning Outside the Classroom manifesto makes it clear that exposing children to the world around them is “an essential part of learning and personal development.”

What began as a way to use up our leftover plants by donating them to schools, has become a nationwide project that we are all incredibly passionate and proud of. Click here to get your school growing or give us a call to find out more about the Rocket Revolution.