3 things to do in the garden – 1st July

It’s that time of year folks…strawberry season! Even if you don’t enjoy watching Wimbledon, it still kind of gets you in the mood for strawberries and cream… with that in mind, the number one job on our list for this weekend is looking after your strawberries:

  1. Give your strawberry plants a bit of TLC – pull up runners that will be trying to re-root in the ground. You could leave them in if you prefer, but it’s best to pull them up so that the plants concentrate their energy into producing fruits. And carefully add a layer of straw around the base of the plant so that any strawberries will not touch the earth and rot.
  2. Ventilate your greenhouse. It’s easy to forget to do this but you need to give the greenhouse a bit of air to keep things healthy and in check. It’s also good for pollination and helps keep a few naughty pests at bay.
  3. See what you can harvest. It sounds obvious, but sometimes you can get a bit distracted by weeding and whatnot and while you’re busy doing that some veg are busy going over the best grown by date. You don’t want all your lovely pak choi to bolt or for your courgettes to lose all their flavour as they grow into big fat marrows!