5 reasons to grow your own in 2017


The New Year is almost upon us and with it come all sorts of resolutions; “I’ll lose weight”, “I’ll go to the gym”, “I’ll eat more healthily”, “I’ll spend less” and hundreds and thousands of others. But we have a proposal for you…make “growing your own” your new year’s resolution for 2017. Here’s why:

  1. It’ll get you fit and active in no time.
    Trust us, getting stuck in to a bit of gardening quickly leads to an increased level of fitness as you dig beds, clear up debris and weeds, dig over the soil again, rake up leaves, wheelbarrow things to the compost heap and so on.
  2. You’ll find yourself eating a really healthy diet.
    With all those fresh veggies coming through all the time, you’ll be cooking up all sorts of delicious dishes that are seriously good for you. Home grown veg is so much richer in nutrients, and when you can get your food from patch to plate in just an hour or so, it doesn’t have time to lose any of them either.
  3. You’ll save oodles on your weekly shopping bills.
    It’s almost shocking how expensive veg can be these days (and don’t even get us started on the unnecessary packaging!) Growing your own will really save a significant amount. If you were growing, say, our Family Favourites Veg Garden in a couple of raised beds and grow bags, you probably wouldn’t need to buy any extra veg between June and late October. Except maybe onions.
  4. You can enjoy eating more interesting veg.
    You don’t often find tomatoes that are stripy or that look like little yellow pears in the shops. Growing your own opens up loads more varieties of vegetables and fruit to enjoy, and, if we’re honest, it’s always nice to be able to impress your friends with a homegrown cucamelon.
  5. It’s great for a bit of “me” time.
    Anyone who has an allotment or veg patch will know that feeling of being able to get away from it all, even if it’s just for 10 minutes to pick some runner beans in the summer. Growing your own gives you a bit of time to yourself if you want it, whether you use that time to reflect, to switch off, or simply to enjoy the seasons changing around you.

Have we convinced you? We really hope so. And do you know what? It’s a nice, easy resolution to keep. If you want to start today just choose one of our Instant Gardens and we’ll deliver your plants in spring when it’s warm enough. If you’re unsure which to go for, then we highly recommend the Patio Container Garden if you’ll be growing in pots or have very limited space, or the Family Favourites Veg Patch if you’ve got space for a couple of raised beds and some grow bags. You don’t really need to do anything until spring, apart from designating a little space in your garden for growing veg and we make it very easy for you by sending loads of helpful advice in our Weekend Veg Out newsletters and including a complete growing guide with your plants.