Building a Rabbit Proof Fence

bunnyBunnies might be cute, but they have a habit of eating ones vegetable plants. Grrr! If you think your precious crops are at risk, then it might be wise to construct a fence to keep them out of the veg patch, or just fence off the areas most at risk. Here are our top tips:

  1. Use chicken wire…even baby rabbits can’t get through the holes on that!
  2. A 3 foot high fence will do the trick…they’re not very good at climbing and all they bounce around the garden, they can’t jump very high.
  3. Don’t forget that bunnies are good at digging. Bury your fence by a foot or two to combat this problem. It’s easiest to do this by digging a trench. Then put the chicken wire in, forming an L shape on the base of the trench (with the wire pointing out away from the veg patch) and filling it in with earth again.
  4. If you’re really keen to keep them away, you could consider installing an electric wire running along the outside of the fence a 2 to 5 inches high.