Diary of a Rocket Gardener: They’re rocketing!

Wow! I am super excited to see how amazingly well my pak choi and wild rocket are doing! I planted them in September, having tried to grow them for the last two summers only to see them bolt within the first couple of weeks, and they are really looking great now. I’m so glad I decided to grow them over the autumn/winter months and will definitely add them to my veg patch must-haves for this time of year.

Honestly, I can’t tell you the difference, particularly with the pak choi. During the summer months I only ever managed to grow a couple of leaves on my pak choi before they bolted and flowered (very pretty little flowers mind you!) but after just a few weeks in the ground since September they have reached a size where they almost look like the ones you see in shops, with crunchy stalks and lovely looking leaves. The wild rocket has done really well too, although it wasn’t quite so quick to bolt in the summer I did only manage to keep them flower-free for a few weeks.

I think I’ll try growing them again in summer anyway, but I’ll definitely plant them in a shady spot and keep them well watered and mulched to see if that makes a difference as they obviously get a little overexcited in the heat!