Giving a Rocket Garden gift?

gift vouchers

If you’ve decided that some healthy, organic veg plants are a great gift for your loved one this spring/summer, we’d really recommend sending one of our Garden Gift Vouchers.

By giving a voucher for one of our gardens, we can send the voucher itself to you or the lucky recipient more or less straight away, so they’ll be able to open their present on their actual birthday or whatever other occasion it is! This works a bit better than giving actual plants which may not be ready to send for a few weeks yet.

The recipient can redeem their voucher whenever suits them and will be able to arrange delivery of their plants on specific dates if they’re going away on holiday or something. Also, they’ll receive notification one week before the plants are despatched, so they’ll be able to get their garden ready.┬áIt all works really well, and gives the recipient a little more control over their plant delivery whilst still giving them something to open on the day itself.