When will my plants be delivered?

It all depends on what you have ordered and when you placed your order


Most of the plants that are currently listed on the website are in stock now, so unless we get struck by pests & diseases in the polytunnel (mice have occasionally been known to eat entire trays of pea seedlings!) then we should easily have your order to you within a week to 10 days.


This season some of our more tender plants have struggled to get going, and many are only just coming through now. Finally! These include cucumbers as well as many herbs (several varieties of coriander and basil, and borage have been particularly slow). As soon as they are big enough to send we will be dispatching them, and we expect to get most “old” orders delivered during the last two weeks of June. We’re really sorry for the delay, but are going as fast as we can.

You will receive an email from us a few days before your order is dispatched so that you can get your plot ready. Keep an eye out!

An Important Note:

Please also be aware that the number of emails and phone calls we are receiving at the moment is exceptionally high and you may feel we are ignoring you – we’re not, and we’re trying to get through it all as quickly as possible!! So, please accept our apologies and we will get your plants sent as soon as we can.