It's Spring, where's my Rocket Garden?

We should have your plants delivered within a couple of weeks...

As we reach mid-May, the question everybody’s asking is, “when will my Rocket Garden arrive?” Well, don’t panic dear friends, your baby plants are busy growing away in our polytunnels and we are looking after them well!

We had an unusually cold start to spring this year and some of our more tender veg plants (think tomatoes, aubergines etc) have been a little slow to grow as a result. They are more or less getting there now and we are frantically boxing up plants left, right and centre to get them shipped to you as soon as we possibly can.

We expect to have shipped the majority of outstanding orders within the next week or so, by the end of the month. You will receive an email from us one week before your order is dispatched so that you can get your plot ready. Keep an eye out!