Urban Constant Garden
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Urban Constant Garden


You can live the good life even with limited space and no experience!
This garden is perfect for a smaller garden and will yield you tasty treats all year round.

Four deliveries across the year will provide you with everything you need to grow a garden that is always bursting with delicious, organic produce. This might be one of our small constant gardens, but it’s still packed full of delicious treats to keep it brimming with goodies and bursting with flavours.

Space required:  5-8m2

Can be grown in: Pots and containers, raised beds or vegetable patches.

Delivery: You’ll receive 4 separate deliveries across the year. You can begin at any time.

Please note: The contents of this garden may vary slightly depending upon the season.

What arrives...in May
...in June
...in July
...in Sept/Oct

When we deliver
These gardens come as a series of deliveries; March, April, May, June, and September. It is a little tricky for us to give a specific date as we do not use any artificial heat to raise our plants, so we are a little dependant on the weather.

You can order from…
Dont worry if you are starting part way through the year, your first delivery will be the next on the list, and any you have missed will be delivered the following year.  As the plants arrive as healthy young plants and will have already been growing for at least 2-3 months before you receive them, giving you a great head start on your vegetable growing!

Do I need to sign for them?
All our plant orders are dispatched with an overnight courier* to mainland UK and do not need to be signed for when they are delivered, but will be left somewhere safe. When placing your order, please let us know where you would like the plants left if you are not in when the courier delivers.

We will keep you posted
You will receive an email approximately a week before your order is dispatched and another on the day your plants are packed and leave us so you know to expect and prepare for their arrival.