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Mini Year Round Veg Patch Gift Voucher


Perfect for smaller gardens
This is a fantastic gift idea for someone who enjoys growing their own. This new constant garden has been very carefully designed to fit into 2 standard raised beds and grow bags, so if they only have a small veg patch then they will love it.

They will receive three deliveries across the year, in Spring, Summer and Autumn. Each delivery contains lots of baby plants for your loved one to simply pop into the veg patch so that they can grow and harvest their very own veggies all year round.

Space required: Approx 5m2

Plants will be delivered in: May, July and September.

Can be grown in: Raised beds, grow bags, pots and containers.

How it works: You give them their voucher, they redeem it online and we send them 5 boxes full of organic veg plants (see below) with a complete growing guide. They can redeem their voucher at any time and we’ll send their plants as soon as we can after that date.

Please note that the contents of this garden may vary slightly depending upon the season.

What May July Sept

Get your garden ready to plant...

When your garden arrives, your plants will need to be unpacked and watered before they are ready to plant. Follow our three step guide below:

1. Unpack your plants

Your baby plants will arrive carefully packed in straw. They may look a little tired from their travels. This is quite normal but, as soon as possible, carefully unpack them all.

2. Identify each plant

Each type of plant will have an identification label to help you spot which they are. Lay them out into their respective plant types (e.g. lettuce, cauliflower, peas).

3. Give them a drink

The roots may be dry, so give them all a good drink of water by standing the plants upright, being especially careful with the ones that aren’t in bio pots, and submerging the roots for a few minutes in a container of clean water.

3 steps to success...

When you’re ready to plant your Rocket Garden there’s a very simple 3 step process to planting them; whether you’re planting in pots, containers, grow bags, raised beds or straight into the ground.

dig a hole

1. Dig a hole

Using a trowel or a dibber (basically a pointed stick) make a hole big enough in the soil to fit the roots of your baby plant and ideally sprinkle in a handful of wormcast fertiliser. This will give your plants a great start in their new home and help to feed them throughout the growing season.


2. Pop the plant in

Carefully place the plant into the hole, making sure it is standing upright.

cover with soil

3. Fill the hole with soil

Cover up the roots of the plant using some of the soil you took out to make the hole, allowing the leaves or green shoots of the plant to remain out in the open. Then firm the soil around the base of the plant with your hands.

Gift vouchers are dispatched on the same working day if ordered before 12noon.

All gift vouchers are dispatched with Royal Mail first Class.