Clemsons Spineless Okra


Commonly used in Indian Cuisine

Producing lovely yellow-white owers followed by rich green pods with an angular shape, these plants can reach up to 1.3m in height, so ideally they will need supporting. Sometimes known as ladies finger, okra is common throughout the world and is often used in Indian cuisine. Best grown in a greenhouse or sunny, sheltered spot. The pods are best used when they are 7-10cm in length otherwise they can become a little tough.

Number of plants: 5

Variety: Clemsons Spineless (organic*)

Can be grown in: Pots and containers, grow bags, raised beds. They will need a support to climb.

In the kitchen: The seeds release a sticky liquid when cooked which can be used to thicken soups and stews. Alternatively, they can be stir-fried, steamed or grilled whilst still whole to serve as a side dish with a lovely subtle flavour.

Can be delivered from: late April to July.

*Transplants suitable for organic growing.