Cistus x purpureus


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Pot Size: 2.5L
Position: Sun
Soil: Any good garden soil. Needs good drainage
Rate of Growth: Fast
Flowering Period: Early Summer
Flower Colour: Pink
Hardiness: Hardy
Eventual Height: 1.2m
Eventual Spread: 1.2m
Garden Care: Lightly prune after flowering to maintain the shape of your plant. Dig in sand or grit before planting to help with drainage. Feed with a slow release fertiliser each spring, and top up the soil with an ornamental mulch.

A fast growing shrub which is semi-evergreen, only losing its leaves in hard winter weather, or if caught in a cold wind. The flowers cover the plants in early summer and the wrinkled petals are like tissue paper. The leaves and stems are sticky to touch allowing the plant to tolerate salt laden winds. Makes a lovely informal hedge in mild areas and a great plant to grow in a hot, dry border or near the sea.