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Childrens Garden Gift Voucher (discontinued)


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If you’re looking for a gift to put a smile on the face of a whole family, you’re in luck. With this clever voucher, helping little ones grow their own is child’s play! Once the gift voucher has been redeemed, we’ll deliver baby plants including strawberries and pumpkins direct to their door, at the perfect time to be planted. Children will love popping them in the ground, watching them grow, picking them and then enjoying proudly eating them with the rest of the family. Our Children’s Garden Gift Voucher offers a wide variety of tastes, colours and textures so it’s the perfect way to get kids excited about healthy food and can be enjoyed by their grown up gardening helpers too! They’ll be planting from May, and harvesting their very own crops from June all the way through to the Autumn, providing months of quality family time both outside picking and inside around the kitchen table. This garden requires approximately 8m2 of space and can be grown in pots and containers, grow bags, raised beds, vegetable patches or an allotment.