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Window Box Garden Gift Voucher (discontinued)


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If you’re looking to wow a loved one who is short on space but loves the good life, this garden is an ideal way to dip their toe into growing their own. They’ll think of you every time they open their window to find a gorgeous array of sights and smells in their very own Window Box Garden! The plants in this clever assortment were chosen because they grow quickly, yield plenty and take up as little space as possible. Not only will this garden provide them with delicious ingredients and something truly beautiful to look at, it will also save them money on food bills. They don’t need any experience at all as we include a handy guide to help them look after their new garden, which can be grown in window boxes, pots, grow bags or containers and only requires a total space of 1.5m2 Please note that the contents of this garden may vary slightly depending upon the season.