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  • Worm Cast Fertiliser

    Worm Cast Fertiliser (10L Bag)


    An amazing, natural fertiliser that we cannot recommend highly enough.
    1 x 10L bag of natural fertiliser produced in West Cornwall – we like to think of it as “black gold”!

    Customers who use worm cast achieve fantastic results and so do we at Rocket HQ. Worm cast is basically earthworm poo and it’s full of essential nutrients that your veg plants (and any other plants that you’re growing) and your soil will thrive on. It’s structure (the texture is a bit like finely ground coffee) makes it slow-releasing and easily absorbed by plants, making it a very effective long-term plant feed that is entirely natural. A small amount of worm cast will easily provide all the nutrients a plant needs for the whole summer.

    All you need to do is put a little scoop of worm cast in the hole when popping your plants into their new home (if your plants are already in situ you can sprinkle a little worm cast around the base) and they’ll quickly soak up the nutrients and grow to be very healthy, strong and productive.

    It even comes in a reusable strong hessian sack that can be used for storing your potatoes!