Horticultural Fleece & Netting

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  • Bean and Pea Netting

    Bean & Pea Netting 6m x 1.7m


    Great support for those lovely beans and peas
    Drape the netting over existing frames or between fence posts to create support for climbing plants such as peas and beans.

    You can construct your own frames by sinking timber stakes into the ground and stretching wire between the tops of the stakes. The netting can then be attached to the top wire, or draped over the top to form a wigwam if you place your stakes in a circle.

    Dimensions: 6m x 1.7m

    Mesh size: 150mm


  • fleece blanket

    Extra Thick Fleece Blanket


    Keep your veggies warm!
    Frosts can damage your plants and sometimes even completely wipe them out! This fleece blanket is a brilliant way of protecting your plants from the cold and keep them happily growing during the cooler months.

    Not only will this blanket keep the plants from suffering from frosts, it is also great for keeping the birds, animals and pests (such as carrot fly and cabbage root fly) away from your crops.

    This fabric will retain the warmth, but still lets air and moisture through.

    Great for protecting your carrots!

    Dimensions: 1.8m x 10m

  • Garden Netting

    Garden Netting 6m x 2m


    Strong and effective protection against birds
    This netting is rot proof, reusable and will provide excellent protection for your soft fruits, vegetables and salads against birds.

    It is most effective if you can keep the netting away from touching the actual plants, by using poles, frames, bamboo or wire hoops.

    Dimensions: 6m x 2m

    Mesh Size: 15mm