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    Blackberry – Chester (Potted)

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    Thorn-free blackberry picking!
    You’ll get a lovely long harvest during early autumn from this variety, and it’s thornless too which is an added bonus. The berries are very sweet, and medium sized whilst the canes can grow quite large if left to their own devices.

    Number of plants: 1 (potted)

    Variety: Chester

    Planting & growing tips: Dig a good sized hole and pop your plant in just below ground level and cover with soil. Can be grown in pots initially, however you will need to increase the pot size as the plant begins to establish itself. You’ll receive a full growing guide with your plant.

    Ready to harvest: Aug-Mid Oct

    In the kitchen: If you can resist eating these black beauty’s as you pick them from your garden then they work wonderfully in a wide array of summer desserts such as a delicious Crumble, or in an Eton Mess or perhaps as an accompanying coulis to other desserts.

    Can be delivered from: Nov-Mar. This plant will arrive in a 9cm pot.