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  • Lonicera Kamtschatica Honeyberry

    Lonicera Kamtschatica Honeyberry – Potted

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    Extremely early ripening, exceptional hardiness and deliciously tasty
    The Honeyberry is actually a species of Honeysuckle with sweet and tasty blueberry like fruits. A native to Eastern Siberia these lovely little plants won’t struggle with even the coldest British winter!

    As honeyberries are not self-fertile two different varieties of honeyberry plants are recommended to aid pollination.

    Number of plants: 1 (potted)

    Variety: Lonicera Kamtschatica

    Planting & growing tips: Dig a good sized hole and pop your plant in just below ground level and cover with soil. Can be grown in pots or large containers initially, however you will need to increase the pot size as the plant begins to establish itself. We will also include a handy grow guide packed full of advice to help you look after your new plants.

    Ready to harvest: Jul-Aug

    In the kitchen: These fruits are very similar to blueberries in taste, look and nutritional value. Enjoy these in a wide array of summery desserts, make a tasty jam or delicious in smoothies.

    Can be delivered from: May until September. This plant will arrive in a 9cm pot.