Spring Veg Patches

Herb Gardens

Our Instant Herb gardens make it incredibly easy to create your own fragrant supply of fresh herbs. We deliver a collection of organic herb plants in 9cm pots ready to be planted into the ground, containers or window boxes.

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    Everyday Herb Garden


    Perfect for planting in pots outside the front door
    This nifty little garden features all the herby favourites you could want for adding a bit of classic flavour to hearty home cooking. It is perfect if you are short on space too. The mix of herbs is super easy to maintain and some will carry on growing for years!

    Space required: 1m2

    Plants can be delivered from: May to Late July

    Can be grown in: Any combination of pots and containers, or in beds/borders

    How it works: You can order at any time and we’ll send your plants to you in a single delivery as soon as we can after that date. We normally start dispatching from mid May and finish despatching in mid August.

    Please note that the contents of this garden may vary slightly depending upon the season.

    Transplants suitable for organic growing.