Wildflower Meadow

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  • wildflower meadow planter

    Mini Wildflower Meadow Box


    Brings bees & butterflies into their garden

    These lovely wooden planters arrive with everything that’s needed to create a beautiful wildflower meadow patch. Simply add water to the peat free organic compost bale and sprinkle with the wildflower seeds provided. Soon the flowers will bloom and look simply gorgeous, and they’ll attract all sorts of beneficial bees and butterflies too.

    It will happily fit into any size garden and can be placed on a patio or decking area.

    Includes the following:

    • Wooden planter
    • Peat free coir organic compost bale
    • Bag of organic plant nutrient
    • Wildflower meadow seed
    • Water permeable membrane
    • Planting instructions

    Planter dimensions: 79cm x 52cm x 15cm.