Spinach & Chard

Such easy to grow veg, these will keep you going for a long time as long as you pick the outer leaves off regularly to allow for new growth.

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    Spinach – Perpetual (Autumn)

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    (10 Plants)

    A fantastically versatile nutrient-rich plant
    Producing tasty leaves for you throughout the seasons, as it grows simply cut the bigger outer leaves off at the base and it’ll keep producing more and more. As long as the slugs and caterpillars don’t get to it, it’ll carry on for ages.

    Number of plants: 10

    Variety: Perpetual (organic*)

    Can be grown in: Raised beds or pots. Find out more about growing Spinach in our growing guide below.

    In the kitchen: You can either cook the leaves making a delicious addition to a wide range of dishes, use the baby leaves in salads or add to smoothies or juice.

    Can be delivered from: These plug plants can be delivered between late August and mid October

    Harvest: usually from November through to spring

    *Transplants suitable for organic growing.