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  • Companion Plant Pack

    Companion Plant Pack

    (30 Plants)

    Help to keep pests at bay with beautiful companion plants
    Companion planting is a traditional and natural way to deter pests from crops that you are growing and to attract good insects such as hoverflies, lacewings and ladybirds which are the best natural predators of aphids and whitefly. Our little companion plant pack is a great way to get started and not only do the plants look lovely when interspersed with your vegetables, they all have the advantage of being edible too.

    With 30 plants in total, this pack contains the following plants:

    Tagetes x 10
    Tagetes planted close to your tomatoes, peppers and aubergine are a great natural way to deter whitefly, and they also look very pretty when in flower. The petals have a distinctive zesty flavour and can picked and used fresh to garnish salads.

    French Marigold x 10
    The strong colour of marigolds attracts hoverflies, lacewings and ladybirds. The flowers and leaves have a mild citrus flavour and can be used to garnish salads or desserts.

    Nasturtiums x 10
    A wonderful pretty companion plant with edible leaves and petals which have a distinctive peppery taste. Nasturtiums secrete a mustard oil that insects love. Plant as a sacrificial crop close to brassicas to deter caterpillars.