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    Winter Salad Planter

    (40 Plants)

    Enjoy picking delicious salad leaves in just a few weeks
    This lovely, wooden planter will arrive with everything that’s needed to create an easy-to-grow salad patch that will provide tasty leaves throughout the colder months. Simply add water to the peat free organic coir compost block and mix with the organic plant nutrients provided. Then pop in your organic plants. Pick the outer leaves regularly to add to salads.

    This planter can easily be placed on a patio or decking area.

    Includes the following:

    • Wooden planter
    • Peat-free, organic coir compost block
    • Bag of organic plant nutrient
    • Water permeable membrane
    • Planting instructions
    • 40 x organic cut and come again salad plants

    Planter Dimensions: 79cm x 52cm x 15cm

    Can be delivered from: Late August to October

    Transplants suitable for organic growing.