Herb Gardens

Our Autumn and Winter herb gardens contain a fragrant mixture of herb plants that are ideal to be planted later in the growing season. These herb plants will keep your kitchen garden packed with seasonal herbs to be harvested from autumn until the following spring.

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    Autumn Herb Garden

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    Herbs to grow through autumn and winter
    Planting these herbs in early autumn will give you fresh herbs to use more or less immediately. You can expect many to stay green and produce leaves right through the winter, especially if grown in a sheltered spot or in a greenhouse (we’d recommend planting them in pots so that you can move them around depending on the weather!) However, if we get a really cold winter again you may find that some, like mint, parsley and marjoram, die back before growing again in early spring.

    Space required: 1 square metre

    Plants can be delivered from: Sept-mid/late October depending on weather

    Can be grown in: Any combination of pots and containers, or in beds/borders

    How it works: You can order at any time and we’ll send your plants to you in a single delivery as soon as we can after that date.

    Please note that the contents of this garden may vary slightly depending upon the season.

    Transplants suitable for organic growing.