Have you thought about Succession Planting?


We find that there is often a rush to get “the veg patch” planted in May and then to be done with it for that year. That’s great, it works well and come mid-summer you’ll be merrily harvesting all sorts, but it’s surprisingly easy to prolong the growing season by cleverly staggering further planting in June and even into July for a later harvest right through to Autumn (actually, you can grow all year round – you can find out all about that when you become a constant gardener!)

This is where succession planting comes in – for some plants, it can work really well to plant a second and even third batch a few weeks after the first batch. For example, if you planted some salad plants in May, you could plant a few more in mid June and then again in late June or early July. This works particularly well with the following vegetable plants:

Our advice? If you want to enjoy harvesting your own veg a little longer in the year, don’t be afraid to top up with a few extra plants during the early part of summer…