About Pipers Farm

Pipers Farm in Devon, produces sustainably reared, native breed meat and sells direct to the customer. For 30 years they’ve been farming in harmony with nature, using regenerative techniques to nurture our countryside.

Their Red Ruby beef and Swaledale sheep are all reared on grass not grain, and all their livestock are allowed to reach maturity at a natural rate.

Pipers Farm have their own butchery and are known for their integrity in hanging meat in the traditional way, for weeks not days, rather than pushing it through to maximise profit. Together this produces the outstanding flavour and texture that they are famed for.

As Pipers Farm has grown they have built a network of small scale farms in the westcountry who share their values, so when you buy from this brilliant company you are supporting sustainable farming practices and real family farms.

Find out more and browse their range at www.pipersfarm.com