1. We deliver to Mainland UK only. Unfortunately we do not currently deliver to highlands and islands.

  2. Delivery is £5.99 – plants are sent overnight with a courier, usually DPD, and you will receive a tracking number by email when they are dispatched.

  3. Postage for the physical voucher is free, the £5.99 delivery charge is to cover the cost of shipping the plants to the recipient in the spring, via next day courier.

COVID-19 Updates

  1. We are operating more or less as normal, whilst following government guidelines regarding social distancing and working from home where possible.

    Our workers on the farm have been rushing around to nurture plants, pack up orders and load parcels onto the DPD van, all whilst maintaining social distance. Meanwhile, our customer services team are able to work from home to answer enquiries, track down parcels that have got lost in transit and offer growing advice.

    At present, we do not have any reported cases of the Coronavirus at Rocket Gardens.


  2. The majority of our plants are shipped via DPD who have their own procedures in place to make sure that both you and their driver stay safe.

  3. We have emailed all schools regarding their orders. Please double check your inbox and junk box folders. In short, we are handling school gardens as follows:

    If you have an RHS school year round garden on order, we will send the first of your 2 deliveries in Spring term 2021 and the second in Autumn term 2021, please contact us if you are unsure on what deliveries your school should be receiving next.

    If you had ordered a summer term garden for your school we had requested that you email us and any customers we did not hear from their order will have been held and will be sent in the summer term 2021.


When will I receive my plants?

  1. For our Spring pre-orders, we expect to start shipping plants in late April/May. We will keep you posted via email with an estimated dispatch date and confirmation once this date is finalised.

    Some exceptions: Seed potatoes, garlic, onion & shallot sets are sent separately, asap, as these can be planted out sooner.


  2. We operate using quite a complex IT process to schedule each delivery based on plant availability and order date, and number of staff working on any one day, and this allows us to deliver as many orders as possible in as short a timeframe as possible. To interrupt this flow is something of a nightmare, and with the high volume of orders this year would be unmanageable.


  3. Sorry, not at this time – especially not with the current social distancing rules!

  4. If you are planning to be away when your plants are due to arrive you can let us know up to 24 hours in advance of the despatch date, and we can reschedule them. Just email us with the dates that you will be away, and include your order number, and we’ll take care of the rest.

  5. Yes, just send us a query through our contact us page, and include  your order number. We’ll add your plants to your order and get in touch with you for any outstanding balance.


  6. Don’t worry if you’re not able to plant your veggies immediately. You can temporarily plant them in the punnets that they arrive in. Find out more here.

Problems with an order

  1. Occasionally this happens, please let us know asap using the Contact Us page and we will do our best to get things sorted out for you. Please include your order number and delivery postcode.


  2. Occasionally this happens at the courier’s end. Please use the Contact Us page to let us know and we will try and track down the plants for you or resend them. Please include your order number and delivery postcode.

  3. Occasionally this happens, but we will rectify it for you asap. Please use the Contact Us page to let us know about the error, and we will either send you the correct plants, or if they are no longer available we will arrange a credit.

  4. Double check your delivery note as if they were deliberately left out due to a delay/crop failure, there will be a message to explain. If not, they were probably missed due to a packing error, so we will rectify it for you asap. Please use the Contact Us page to let us know about the error, and we will either send you the missing plants, or if they are no longer available we will arrange a credit.


  5. Occasionally this happens, but we will sort it out for you asap. Please use the Contact Us page to let us know about the error, and we will either resend you the affected plants, or if they are no longer available we will arrange a credit.

Veg Patch Gift Vouchers


    1. First, create an online account.
    2. Once you have created an account, click the “redeem a voucher” button at the top left of the page.
    3. Enter your voucher number and click “apply gift voucher”
    4. You will be redirected to your cart, where you will see that your Veg Patch has been added. If you want to add any extra plants you can do so at this point.
    5. Continue through checkout, providing your shipping address etc so that we can deliver your plants to you.
    6. You’ll receive a confirmation email.
  2. Please try again after creating an online account. If that still doesn’t work, please contact us with your voucher number and we can check to see what the problem is.

    1. You buy a veg patch gift voucher & we send it in the post, either to yourself or direct to the recipient
    2. The recipient (or you if you are buying it for yourself) must redeem the voucher using the unique voucher code printed on their voucher. Find out how.
    3. Once redeemed, we will schedule the delivery of the plants – the plants are grown seasonally, so they will be dispatched at the right time of year for planting!
  3. The postage for the physical voucher is free, the £5.99 delivery charge is to cover the cost of shipping the plants to the recipient.

About the Plants

  1. We send all our vegetable plants as small plug plants, usually bare rooted – you can expect them to be anywhere between 10cm and 20cm tall.

  2. All our vegetable and herb plants are certified organic with the Soil Association. Most of our seed potatoes are also certified organic, but please check your chosen variety before you purchase.


  3. We’ll include a complete growing guide with your delivery. This explains everything you need to know, from preparing your plot, to planting your plants and nurturing them until they are ready for harvest.

    You can also check our online growing guides, and sign up for our Weekly Veg Out Newsletter for tips throughout the season.


Growing Pains

  1. Plants are susceptible to all sorts of pests and diseases. As a first suggestion, have a look at our guide to see some of the more common problems and solutions.


  2. For those who are new to growing veg, or for those who are short on time, we’d recommend sticking to some of the following easy-to-grow plants:

    • Spinach, Chard & Lettuces
    • Beetroot
    • Spring Onions
  3. During dry spells, we would recommend watering well every other day, preferably in the early morning or late evening (unless your plants are clearly wilting in which case just water them ASAP!) to avoid water evaporating off the soil. Keep an eye on your soil by pushing a finger into the soil. You should see that there is moisture in the soil about 1-2cm down. If not, you’ll need to water more deeply. You’re aiming to keep a nice, consistent level of moisture in the soil – think of a freshly opened bag of compost and that’s the kind of moisture level that you want to be beneath the surface of the soil.


  4. We often include posts about slugs in our Weekly Veg Out newsletters – have a read of this one for the most in depth advice.

Problems contacting Rocket Gardens

  1. We have been experiencing that some gmail/hotmail/yahoo accounts (and a few others) are not allowing our emails to be delivered, and some are not reaching us in the first place. We’re working things out with our IT team, but if you’ve not had a response to your email within a day or two then it is probably best to send us a private message via Facebook.


  2. Our phone lines are no longer open so please contact us by email or Facebook private message.