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African Blue Basil

It’s great having a pot of basil on the windowsill in the kitchen. It smells amazing and it’s very satisfying being able to pick off the leaves as and when you need them for whatever culinary creation you’re making.

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The right site

Here in the UK, basil is normally more reliable when grown indoors. Choose a nice sunny windowsill or pop a pot in a greenhouse.

Can be grown in....

Pots are ideal for growing basil

How far apart?

25cm apart or one plant to a pot.

Looking after your plants....

Basil is a Mediterranean plant so here in the UK we need to try and recreate this climate to get the best results.


Watering them

Keep the soil a little moist, but don’t overwater. The best time to water them is at noon in bright sunshine (quite the opposite from most plants!)



Pinch off flowers

Pinch off any flowers as they start to form to encourage more leaves to grow.

African Blue Basil

Great with...

Basil is a really versatile herb that you can add to loads of dishes for a little extra flavour. It’s particularly well matched to:

  • Tomatoes
  • Avocadoes
  • Pasta and Pizza
  • Chicken