How to grow... Celeriac

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Celeriac is one of those underrated vegetables that is not the most beautiful looking, but is truly tasty! We’re very much rooting for it and would like to see it gaining a little popularity in the kitchen. Celeriac is a tricky plant to grow from seed so we do all the difficult bits for you and deliver you great plants that will thrive once planted in your garden.

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The right site

Celeriac likes a fertile moisture retentive soil with plenty of sunshine.

Can be grown in....

Raised beds are ideal for growing celeriac.

How far apart?

30cm apart in rows 45cm wide.

Looking after your plants....

Although it is closely related to celery, celeriac is a lot easier to grow. Follow these few golden rules and you should get a good crop.


Watering tips

Water in well after planting. Then, you must water them thoroughly in periods of dry weather and keep plants well mulched.


Weed with care!

Clear away any emerging weeds regularly. When hoeing draw soil away from the plants rather than earthing them up as you would for celery.


Remove side shoots

Remove any side shoots that appear off the sides of the vegetable (you only want to let the main vertical shoots grow)

Storage Tips

Celeriac will keep pretty well in a cool, dark place once harvested.

Ways to cook

You can use celeriac anywhere where you are using potatoes really – add it to mash or slice it up in a creamy dauphinoise style sauce. Great for soups and stews too.