How to grow... Globe Artichoke

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Definitely one for foodies! Globe artichokes look very majestic in the garden, and there’s something very ceremonial about eating them, peeling off each of the petals one by one to find that tasty morsel you get from them. They are low maintenance, reliable croppers, easy to grow, and it’s way cheaper to grow them than to buy an artichoke in the shops!

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The right site

Plant in good quality well drained soil. They prefer a sheltered, sunny site.

Can be grown in....

Borders, raised beds, large containers, allotment.

How far apart?

About 1 metre apart.

Looking after your plants....

Artichokes can grow to 1.5m x 1m and will make big clumps of arching, jagged silvery leaves. They make good structural plants as well as having edible flowers.


Water well when warm

Water plants well until established and make sure they don’t dry out in hot weather.


In spring...

In early spring cover the crown with well-rotted manure to help boost growth.


In year one...

In the first year your artichoke plants need to put all their energy into making growth, so remove any flowerheads as they form.


In year two...

In the second year, allow the edible heads to develop for harvesting in summer. Harvest the top bud first, when it’s large and swollen, but before the scales have started to open.  Pick the side buds when they have reached a decent size.


At the end of the growing season...

Cut back stems in late autumn and protect the remaining crown over winter with a thick mulch of straw or other material.

Remember that artichokes are perennial plants so don’t dig them up at the end of the season, if you want them to grow again next year.

Storage Tips

You should harvest artichokes as you want to eat them.

Ways to cook

There really is only one way to eat artichokes and that’s to boil them first for around 20-30 mins (a little longer if they are large) until tender. Then serve them whole with a dressing to dip into.