How to grow... Oregano

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Fancy a pizza? A sprinkle fresh oregano will make all the difference! It’s easy to grow, you just need to give it a nice sunny spot.

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The right site

Choose a nice sunny spot with well-drained soil – this herb is used to Mediterranean climates!

Can be grown in....

Planting in a pot that you can put outside in the summer and inside in the winter works wonders!

How far apart?

30cm apart

Looking after your plants....

If you cut back oregano at the end of the year, and keep it in a nice sheltered, sunny spot it will do well.


Watering them

Be careful not to over water – oregano is used to dry conditions.



Pinch off flowers

Pick off flower heads as they appear to keep the leaves tasting good (they tend to get a bit more bitter once the plant has flowered)


Great with...

Oregano is a classic Mediterranean herb that works really well with dishes from its homeland.

  • Tomato Sauces
  • Sprinkled over pizza
  • Moussaka

Types to try