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Thyme is such a versatile herb and when it flowers it is very pretty in the garden too. We grow English Thyme which has great flavour. As a young plant you can use the whole sprig, but it becomes woodier over time (excuse the pun) and the leaves can then be picked off to use.

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The right site

Growing in pots that can be brought inside over the winter works a treat. Thyme does not appreciate our wet weather!

Can be grown in....

Pots are ideal for growing thyme.

How far apart?

25cm apart or one plant to a pot.

Looking after your plants....

Thyme needs sun and warmth, so be sure to keep pots in a sheltered place, or indoors if the weather is wet.


Watering them

Thyme prefers drier soil, so you will not need to water it very often.



Give it a trim

Cut your thyme plant back a little during the summer to encourage your plant to grow more. At the end of autumn, cut it right back.


Great with...

Thyme is a really great herb that you can add to loads of different foods for a little extra flavour. It’s particularly well matched to:

  • Leeks
  • Chicken
  • Roast Veg

Types to try