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Frills Mustard (Autumn)

(10 Plug Plants)

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Punchy mustard leaves for winter growing!

These leaves have a fab flavour, giving a mustardy punch to salads and other dishes. You can start harvesting as soon as the leaves reach 5-10cm (probably in November) and if you keep picking off the leaves it will keep producing more for you to enjoy right through the colder months. It will produce small yellow flowers in spring, at which point it is best to pull the plants up so that you can plant some summer vegetables in their place. You will receive a complete growing guide with your plug plants.

Number of plants: 10 plug plants

Variety: Frills (organic*)

In the kitchen: The texture is crunchy yet tender with a robust mustard flavour and mild sweet and spicy peppery finish. The young leaves are mild and best used raw in a salad, but more mature leaves stand up well to a light sauté or braise.