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Apple Tree – Fiesta (Bare Rooted)

(1 Bare Rooted Tree)

Bare-Rooted Fruit and Strawberry Runners will be shipped in January for winter planting.

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Cox style apples for late summer. Really reliable.
Related to Cox Orange Pippin, this cox style apple is reliable and easy to grow. Suitable for all parts of the UK, it is a heavy cropper, and the apples tend to be crunchy and juicy too. We really rate this variety and would recommend to novice growers.

Number of plants: 1 bare rooted tree for winter planting (approx 1.5m tall)
Variety: Fiesta (eating/dessert apple)
Position: Full sun, well draining soil
In the kitchen: This variety can be eaten fresh from the tree or stored for 4-6 months, and makes good juice.

Pruning & Growing Information
(for Novice Fruit Growers)

This apple tree will benefit from a little pruning in winter (not obligatory) – a growing guide will be provided with your delivery. It is best planted into the ground rather than in pots.

You will get a better crop by planting another apple tree from our range nearby, for cross-pollination.

Pruning & Growing Information
(for More Experienced Fruit Growers:)

Root Stock: MM106 (suitable for growing as unrestricted, or as espalier/spindle tree forms)
Size: Supplied as a 2 year old bare-rooted ‘bush’ tree (see illustration)
Pollination Group: 3
Type: Partial Tip Bearer