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Apple Tree – Greensleeves (Bare Rooted)

(1 Bare Rooted Tree)

Bare-Rooted Fruit and Strawberry Runners will be shipped in January for winter planting.


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Like Golden Delicious, but better!
This tends to be a high cropping tree, whilst still fairly compact making it a good option for smaller gardens and plots, especially if you only have space for one apple tree. The apples themselves are a cross between two very popular varieties: Golden Delicious and James Grieve, and tend to sweeten up the longer they are left on the tree. This variety is both hardy and disease-resistant.

Number of plants: 1 bare rooted tree for winter planting (approx 1.5m tall)
Variety: Greensleeves (eating/dessert apple)
Position: Full sun, well draining soil
In the kitchen: This variety is best eaten fresh from the tree (it will store for a week or so after picking), and makes good juice.

Pruning & Growing Information
(for Novice Fruit Growers)

This apple tree will benefit from a little pruning in winter (not obligatory) – a growing guide will be provided with your delivery. It is best planted into the ground but you could plant into a large container as well.

You will get a better crop by planting another apple tree from our range nearby, for cross-pollination, but it can be grown alone.

Pruning & Growing Information
(for More Experienced Fruit Growers:)

Root Stock: MM106 (suitable for growing as unrestricted, or as espalier/spindle tree forms)
Size: Supplied as a 2 year old bare-rooted ‘bush’ tree (see illustration)
Pollination Group: 2
Type: Partial Tip Bearer