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Honeyberry – Lonicera Kamtschatica (Potted)

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Hardy berries that ripen early in the season
The Honeyberry is actually a species of honeysuckle with berries that make a fantastic blueberry-like jam (they look like blueberries, but need sugar/honey to sweeten them up before eating.) A native to Eastern Siberia these lovely little plants won’t struggle with even the coldest British winter! We recommend ordering two honeyberry plants and plant them close together (1.5m-2m apart) to aid pollination. The flowers usually come out in Feb/Mar time often before all our bees and other pollinators get going for the year, so by planting in pairs you increase chances of wind pollination. The plant comes with a full growing guide.

Number of plants: 1 (11cm biodegradable pot)

Variety: Lonicera Kamtschatica

In the kitchen: These fruits are quite tart on their own and best enjoyed sweetened up with honey or sugar in a wide array of desserts, jams and smoothies.