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Kestrel Seed Potatoes (Second Early)

(10 Tubers)

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Planting/Growing Advice: Plant in early spring approx 10cm apart in pots, containers, raised beds and any traditional veg patches. Make sure the soil/compost has good drainage.

When to harvest: When the leaves start to turn yellow you can check to see if they are ready to harvest. You may be able to tell if they are ready from the crown of the bulb peeping above the surface of the soil. If not, carefully dig one or two up to have a look with a hand fork.

*Transplants suitable for organic growing.


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Good taste, and good slug resistance

Kestrel is a great looking potato, but its real qualities come in the form of flavour and slug-resistance. It is a particularly good choice for those with heavy, clay-type soils. With fun purple and white patchy skin, and very versatile in the kitchen, this is definitely one of our favourites. Be aware, it doesn’t do brilliantly if the soil dries out, so if you live in a drier part of the country or have sandy soil, you’ll need to water frequently (or go for a different variety!) Usually ready to harvest in July.

Number of tubers (seed potatoes): 10

Variety: Kestrel

In the kitchen: Great for boiling, mash, chips, roast

Delivery: We start shipping seed potatoes in February