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Orla Seed Potatoes (Organic/First Early)

(10 Tubers)

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Well suited to organic growing
This variety is well suited to organic growing due to its blight and disease resistance. This yellow skinned beauty is full of flavour and a waxy texture. There is some confusion around whether it is a first or second early, so our advice is that it is usually ready to harvest in June but will happily wait in the soil until July for you to harvest as a second early.

Number of tubers (seed potatoes): 10

Variety: Orla (organic)

Can be grown in: Potatoes need a bit of depth. You can grow them straight in the ground in a raised bed, or in a deep planter. Find out more about growing potatoes in our growing guide below.

In the kitchen: Good for boiling and roasting.

Plant out: March – April

Delivery: We start shipping seed potatoes in February