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Bee & Butterfly Wildflower Plugs (Large)

(100 Plug Plants)

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Plant a mini wildflower meadow!
Hugely popular when we introduced them in 2020, our wildflower plug plants are brilliant for attracting bees, butterflies and other pollinators. There are over 100 different varieties, all annuals which will readily self seed, giving you continual colour for months. They are great for planting in a dedicated patch in the garden, or in a pot/planter for a mini-meadow on your patio!

As pictured, each plug plant will have a cluster of different seedlings emerging, a lucky dip from the list below, and should not be thinned out. This way, you’ll get a fairly natural looking little meadow. For best results, plant the plugs straight into pots, containers or beds quite close together, about 3-4cm apart. We would recommend 50 plugs to a 50cm-100cm wide pot, or 100 per square metre if planting in beds/borders (or for one of our traditional crate planters )

Number of plugs: 100 plug plants (multiple seedlings per plug!)

Contains a lucky dip seedling mix from over 100 different wildflowers, including:

Corn Cockle
Daisy – Ox-Eye
Foxglove – Wild
Poppy – Common
Scabious – Field
Ragged Robin

Growing Companion Plants