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Edible Flower Pack

(40 Plug Plants)

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Beautiful flowers to decorate salads and cakes
This collection of edible flower plug plants will provide an abundance of pretty blooms to adorn anything you are cooking, from salads to cupcakes!

This pack contains the following plants:

Borage x 10 plug plants

Lovely little blue flowers that will look super on cakes and desserts. They have a cucumber-like flavour – they’re a great addition to a gin & tonic!!

Violas x 10 plug plants

These pretty flowers are so sweet and really decorative.

Calendula x 10 plug plants

Use the striking, orange petals to add a splash of colour to risottos and paella. They have a mild saffron like flavour.

Nasturtium x 10 plug plants

Pick off the leaves and petals to enjoy in salads or sprinkled on dishes like risotto.  They have a distinctive peppery taste.


Please note that contents may vary slightly depending upon the season

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