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Giant Winter Leeks

(20 Plug Plants)

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The gardener’s choice of leek
Giant Winter is an excellent late variety producing thick leeks that will hold well in the ground for a long time and are winter hardy. You will find more than one leek growing in most of your plug plants, so you will get plenty of leeks to harvest! You can either tease them apart to plant each leek separately, or plant together without separating. There is plenty of growing advice in the growing guide that arrives with the plug plants.

Number of plants: 20 plug plants (although you are likely to receive two or three seedlings in each plug)

Variety: Giant Winter (organic*)

In the kitchen: Leeks are delicious in soups, stews and pies. You can steam, fry or boil. Finely chopping leeks brings out their flavour and texture.

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