Early Spring Veg

These veg need to be planted before spring is fully underway, some as early as February. See product details for planting information.

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  • Maris Peer

    Maris Peer (Organic/Second Early Variety)

    (10 Tubers)

    A trusted favourite
    This amazingly popular variety is widely used for its regular round shape and medium sized potatoes.

    Number of tubers (seed potatoes): 10

    Variety: Maris Peer (organic)

    Can be grown in: Potatoes need a bit of depth. You can grow them straight in the ground in a raised bed, or in a deep planter. Find out more about growing potatoes in our growing guide below.

    In the kitchen: This variety has many uses including boiling for salads, steaming and chipping.

    Can be delivered from: late March onwards.