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  • Herb Wall Planter 1

    Herb Wall Planter


    A space saving way to grow your lovely herbs
    This hanging planter makes vertical gardening really straightforward.

    With 8 planting pockets and made from top quality fabric with reinforced eyelets and mounting hooks, this wall planter is perfect for growing your herb garden without using up valuable floor space in smaller gardens.

    Dimensions: H: 48cm x W: 60cm

  • Pea and Bean Planter with cane support pockets1

    Pea & Bean Patio Planter with 6 Cane-Support Pockets


    Perfect for growing your peas and beans
    Ideal for patios, balconies and gardens. This planter has 6 rigid tubes for you to place your canes inside to give your climbing plants the support that they need, without disturbing the soil (canes not included).

    Just fill the planter with compost, pop your canes in and you are ready to grow your peas and beans.

    Dimensions: 60cm long x 30cm deep x 30cm width

    Volume: Approx. 55L

  • Potato Patio Planters 1

    Potato Patio Planters (3 Pack)


    No digging required potato growing!
    These fantastic planters enable everyone to grow potatoes whether it be on a patio, on a balcony or in the garden. Each planter can hold 3-5 seed potatoes.

    This pack contains 3 planters with strong handles and drainage holes.

    Dimensions of each planter: 35cm diameter x 45cm depth

    Volume: Approx 40L per planter (120L in total)


  • Tomato Patio Planters

    Tomato Patio Planter with 3 Cane-Support Pockets (2 Pack)


    Grow your own tasty tomatoes with these planters
    Ideal for patios, balconies and gardens. These planters have 3 pockets for you to place your canes inside to give your climbing tomatoes the support that they need, without disturbing the soil (canes not included).

    Just fill the planters with compost, pop your canes in and you are ready to grow your tomatoes.

    Each pack contains 2 planters that have reinforced handles and drainage holes at the base.

    Dimensions of each planter: 45cm diameter x 25cm deep

    Volume: Approx. 40L per planter (total 80L)

  • Vigoroot Herb Planter

    Vigoroot Herb Planter


    Grow beautiful herbs right outside your door
    This vigoroot planter is ideal for growing your own herbs to add to your lovely homemade dishes.

    The fabric used in this planter air-prunes the roots, promoting growth of a stronger root system, allowing them to absorb more nutrients and reducing the risk of your plants becoming pot bound. This in turn means that your plants will grow stronger and don’t require quite such a big pot to flourish and produce a good yield.

    Dimensions: 45cm diameter x 24cm deep

    Volume: Approx. 40L

  • Hanging Tomato Planter Twin Pack

    Hanging Tomato Planter (2 Pack)


    Save some space and grow your tomatoes in a hanging planter
    Suspended from above, this is a great way to grow your tomatoes without needing to stake the plants as they grow, and it looks good too! By hanging your tomatoes like this it also helps to keep pests away.

    2 planters per pack. There are 10 planting pockets and watering tubes to make watering more efficient.

    Dimensions: Height: 30cm. Depth: 19cm

    Volume: Approx. 15L per planter (30L in total)


  • Hanging Strawberry Planter Twin Pack

    Hanging Strawberry Planter Twin Pack


    An ingenious way to grow your strawberry’s, keeping them out of the reach of pests and at the perfect height for easy picking
    Simple to plant up and maintain, this hanging planter will provide you with a vertical crop of strawberries to hang just about anywhere at the perfect height for easy picking. It will also keep your strawberries away from pests and from soil.

    2 planters per pack with 12 planting pockets in each planter.

    Dimensions: Height: 35cm. Depth: 19cm

  • Wooden Crate Planter 1

    Traditional Wooden Crate Planter


    Create a mini kitchen garden with these traditional wooden crates.
    Just fill one with a good quality compost and pop your plants in.

    We’d recommend using these planters for veggies that can be planted fairly close together (e.g. in rows 10-15cm apart), like lettuces and salad leaves, spring onions, spinach and herbs.

    They are great for children too, providing a small, manageable area for them to get to grips with as they learn the art of growing their own.

    Dimensions: Length: 79cm x Width: 52.5cm x Depth: 15.5cm

    Volume: Approx. 65L

  • Heavy Duty Raised Bed

    Heavy Duty Raised Bed


    Perfect for growing herb, salad and vegetable plants in smaller gardens
    These extra strong raised beds are perfect for growing your herb, salad and vegetable plants, providing extra space to grow in smaller gardens.

    Made from interlocking sections, this heavy duty raised bed is easy to build and does not require any tools.

    Dimensions: Height: 30cm x Width: 100cm x Depth: 100cm

    Volume: 300L