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  • Crystal Lemon Cucumber

    Cucumber – Crystal Lemon

    (3 Plants)

    Easy, quick growing and very prolific
    This old-fashioned little round cucumber will produce delightful shaped, pale yellow coloured fruits. With an excellently crunchy flesh, the fruits are juicy, mild and sweet with a fantastic flavour. You’ll be eating the fruits by the end of July. If you keep picking, they’ll go on producing into the autumn, and finish in October.

    Number of plants: 3

    Variety: Crystal Lemon (organic*)

    In the kitchen: Delicious in salads adding a lovely splash of colour. Also great for dipping in hummus and dips.

    Delivery Info: Available to order now for delivery in Spring/Summer 2021. Please see FAQs for up-to-date delivery info.

    Planting advice: Best grown in a greenhouse. Provide support for the plant to climb, or allow to sprawl across the ground.

    Harvesting: You should get the first few fruits from July onwards.

    *Transplants suitable for organic growing.