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    Curly Kale – Green Curled Dwarf (Autumn)

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    (10 Plants)

    Easy to grow, hardy and wonderfully nutritious 
    This is a very popular, compact curly kale that is an extremely nutritious leafy veg that looks great and requires little attention to produce a good crop. It is exceptionally hardy and grows really well through autumn and winter giving you a nice, constant supply of healthy greens from your garden.

    Number of plants: 10

    Variety: Green Curled Dwarf (organic*)

    Can be grown in: Kale is best grown in raised beds or a well dug veg patch. Find out more about growing kale in our growing guide below.

    In the kitchen: This is an incredibly nutritious vegetable. It can be steamed, baked or fried with a drizzle of olive oil and sprinkle of seasoning to make delicious kale crisps or used in smoothies.

    Can be delivered from: late August to mid October

    Ready to harvest: Usually from November onwards

    *Transplants suitable for organic growing.