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  • autumn-crop-collection

    Autumn Crop Collection

    (80 Plants)

    Plant in July for a tasty Autumn Harvest!

    Just the thing to plant in summer, this collection of roots, kales, cabbages, broccoli and leaves should be ready to harvest between the end of September and October giving your veg patch a cheeky boost before the clocks go back. If you’ve harvested things like broad beans, potatoes and onions already, then this is ideal for filling those spaces. You need about 4m2 space in total, and the leaves will grow really well in pots if you’re running out of room!

    Space required: 4m

    Number of plants: 80 (carrots, beetroot, kales, cabbages, calabrese broccoli, cauliflower, spinach and chard)

    Can be grown in: A mixture of beds and/or pots

    In the kitchen: This collection of delicious vegetables can be harvested in Autumn for some fab casseroles, soups and warm, healthy salads.

    Can be delivered from: July

    Transplants suitable for organic growing.

  • christmasdinner

    Grow Your Own Christmas Dinner Collection

    (83 Plants)

    A fantastic collection of veggies perfect for your Christmas dinner
    If the idea of digging up your own homegrown veggies on Christmas Day meal appeals to you, then add the plants from our brand new Christmas Dinner Collection to your garden this July. All things going well, you’ll be able to harvest potatoes, red cabbage, cauliflowers, carrots, sprouts, leeks and herbs for your own homegrown family roast on December 25th.

    Number of plants: 83

    Can be grown in: These grow well outside in a raised bed or similar.

    Space required: You will need 3-4m2 of space. You can grow the leeks and carrots nice and closely together (10-15cm apart will be fine), leave 60cm between sprouts and then most other things only need about 30-40cm between plants so they won’t take up much space. (You could plant the cabbages between the sprouts to save space)

    In the kitchen: This collection of delicious vegetables and herbs are perfect for creating a homegrown family roast for Christmas day.

    Can be delivered from: July

    Transplants suitable for organic growing.

  • Super Healthy Brassica Collection

    Super Healthy Brassica Collection

    (35 Plants)

    A lovely collection of brassicas to harvest throughout the seasons
    This collection contains a selection of cauliflower, cabbages, kales and broccoli that are packed full of nutrients and are considered some of the best superfoods around.

    Number of plants: 35

    Can be grown in: Pots and containers, grow bags, raised beds. Find out more about growing brassicas in our growing guide below.

    In the kitchen: Packed full of flavour and nutrients, these brassicas are delicious when lightly steamed, roasted or stir-fried until tender. A little melted butter makes them taste all the more luxurious

    Can be delivered from: late April to July.

    These plants will arrive bare-rooted with an approximate height of 10-15cm.

    Transplants suitable for organic growing.