Seed Potatoes

Growing your own delicious potatoes has never been easier than with our range of organic and heritage seed potatoes. Select from early, second early and main crop varieties to enjoy a long potato harvesting season.

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  • Maris Peer

    Maris Peer (Organic/Second Early Variety)

    (10 Tubers)

    A trusted favourite
    This amazingly popular variety is widely used for its regular round shape and medium sized potatoes.

    Number of tubers (seed potatoes): 10

    Variety: Maris Peer (organic)

    Can be grown in: Potatoes need a bit of depth. You can grow them straight in the ground in a raised bed, or in a deep planter. Find out more about growing potatoes in our growing guide below.

    In the kitchen: This variety has many uses including boiling for salads, steaming and chipping.

    Can be delivered from: late March onwards.