Our broccoli plants are available to pre-order for dispatch between late April/early May through to July/August. Please see FAQs for up-to-date delivery info.

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  • Broccoli (Calabrese) – Green Sprouting

    (10 Plants)

    A delicious and easy to grow family favourite

    This is a green sprouting variety that will produce successive spears for you to harvest. You can either harvest them whilst small and tender or wait until they form a larger head. Use netting to keep butterflies (and therefore caterpillars) at bay!

    Number of plants: 10

    Variety: Green Sprouting (organic*)

    In the kitchen: Great steamed, roasted with a little oil or stir-fried, it is an extremely versatile kitchen garden staple.

    Delivery Info: Available to order now for delivery from late April 2022 until July 2022. Please see FAQs for up-to-date delivery info.

    Planting advice: Plant 40cm apart. Protect from slugs and cover with net to guard against butterflies and pigeons.

    Harvesting: Harvest in late summer through to autumn once the broccoli florets start to form. Harvest regularly for a longer crop.

    *Transplants suitable for organic growing.