Celeriac Plants

Celeriac is easy to grow from plug plants, as long as you remember to give them plenty of water to help the roots swell. Best grown in the ground or in large pots, celeriac plants will do well in most vegetable gardens.

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  • Celeriac – Giant Prague

    (10 Plug Plants)

    Celeriac plug plants make it easy to grow
    If you love celeriac, then you have to try growing it! Suitable for raised beds and traditional plots – dig in plenty of compost when planting. The key to growing celeriac is to keep the plants well watered throughout the growing season, as this will help the root to swell so that you have a decent size celeriac to pull up over the winter months. Our organic plug plants arrive in plastic-free packaging and come with a complete growing guide to help you get the most from your vegetable plants.

    Number of plants: 10 plug plants

    Variety: Giant Prague (organic*)

    In the kitchen: With its celery-like flavour with nutty overtones, celeriac is great mashed, boiled or roasted. Use it in slow cooked dishes or make a deliciously hearty soup.