Pea Plants

Using vegetable plug plants makes it easy to grow your own in your kitchen garden. Our organic pea plants can be planted out from late April to July, and are great for growing in beds or pots alike.

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  • Peas – Kelvedon Wonder

    (10 Plug Plants)

    Pop some peas in your veg plot!
    Home grown peas are so sweet and delicious, they rarely make it back to the kitchen. Just open the pods while you’re doing the weeding and have a healthy nibble! You can expect a good crop from this variety. Perfect for pots or beds, alike. You’ll receive a full growing guide with your plug plants making it very easy to get started with growing peas.

    Number of plants: 10 plug plants

    Variety: Kelvedon Wonder

    In the kitchen: Eat your peas raw, or steamed/blanched.  We love peas paired with freshly chopped mint and some garlic and olive oil.

  • Sugar Snap Peas

    (10 Plug Plants)

    You’ll eat all the pods straight from your garden!
    These plants are so easy to grow and will produce loads of sugar snap pea pods. They’ll grow to approximately 1.5m tall and will need some kind of support to climb (we often grow them up a chicken wire fence or trellis.) You can plant them fairly close together, at 10cm so they don’t take up a lot of space. They are very easy to grow from plug plants, just follow the advice in the growing guide provided with the plants.

    Number of plants: 10 plug plants

    In the kitchen: Sweet, crunchy, and delicious raw or try steaming them lightly or stir-frying with other vegetables.

  • Gourmet Bean and Pea Collection

    (60 Plug Plants)

    A must have in your kitchen garden
    This lovely collection of beans and pea plants will provide you with a plentiful harvest during the summer months. This collection contains Runner Beans, Borlotti Beans, French Beans, Sugar Snap Peas and Mangetout Peas. Please note that contents may vary depending upon the season. Growing from plug plants is very easy – just pop them in your veg plot when your plants arrive and keep them well watered. Our growing guide has plenty of advice and comes free with every order.

    Number of plants: 60 plug plants

    Space required: An area of approx 1m x 5m

    In the kitchen: All full of flavour, these plants are so versatile and complement any dish whether it be a Sunday roast, stir-fry, soup or a summery salad.

  • Mangetout Peas – Carouby de Mausanne

    (10 Plug Plants)

    Pretty plants that look like sweet peas!
    This old French variety of mangetout produces large flat pods. You can expect to pick your own mangetout peas for several weeks once they start cropping. We particularly love growing them for their sweet pea-like flowers – they look great climbing a wigwam. Perfect for pots and beds, and very easy to grow from our plug plants. You’ll receive a full growing guide with your plant delivery.

    Number of plants: 10 plug plants

    Variety: Carouby de Mausanne

    In the kitchen: Mangetout are delicious eaten raw in salads, or add them to a stir-fry. Try steaming with french beans and drizzling with olive oil and freshly chopped herbs for a warm salad.

  • Sugar Snap Pea – Purple Magnolia

    (10 Plug Plants)

    Crunchy purple pods!

    These sugar snap pea plants will scramble up a trellis or support to approximately 1.5m tall. They produce beautiful purple pods that you can enjoy raw or steamed or stir-fried. Very eye- catching in the veg patch! The plug plants are easy to grow and full growing instructions come with your delivery.

    Number of plants: 10 plug plants

    Variety: Purple Magnolia (organic)

    In the kitchen: Sweet, crunchy, and delicious raw or cooked or even pickled or roasted! Sugar snap peas are a wonderfully versatile vegetable. Try steaming them or stir-frying.